Greg and Lisa are a dynamic duo that love working together for a living.  They have been married for 28 years and have three wonderful children, a beautiful daughter-in-law and of course their two precious Grand-daughters.

Classy Chassis Campers is a Faith based company founded in Mattoon, Illinois.  God, Family and Campers is the family motto!


Greg and Lisa started restoring vintage campers four years ago in their backyard.  They loved breathing new life into their first little 10-foot camper.  They enjoyed this project so much they decided to do it on the side as a special hobby.


Together they loved the "thrill-of-the-hunt" in finding these timeless beauties in the back alleys, dirt roads and pastures.  They have both traveled all over the United States discovering some of the most unique and highly sought after Cuties to restore and bring back to life. 

Greg and Lisa love watching their finds transform from something rotting away in a barn, to looking nearly new!  Over the last several years they have restored and transformed over 20 different campers.


In 2015 this hobby and passion turned into a business.  Greg quit his union job as a Superintendent for a multi-million dollar company, after serving there for 16 years.  Together with Lisa they started Chassis Vintage Camper Sales as a full-time passion.


Taking this leap of Faith has allowed them to focus entirely on the design and creation of their first 10-foot prototype named Grace.  This lovely camper will be available in the Summer of 2016. 


The next step in their growing business will be the addition of two additional campers to their list.  In the Fall of 2016 their 14-foot prototype Glory will be released and in the Spring of 2017 the 20-foot Protype Faith will be available.


Greg and Lisa are thrilled where God is leading them and look forward to the journey ahead as they continue to help make your vintage camper inspired dream come true!



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