Classy Chassis Campers - Grace

Grace was designed and built by us. She is a Custom Built Camper.  This camper has tons of storage for the size.  High quality materials and custom cabinetry were used for your Camping Needs.



Grace Base Price $6,900


Base price includes an open floor plan.

Amenities include VCT tile floo2 electric outletsand 2 interior lights

Grace measures 10x7ft.  Interior Height 6ft5. This Model weighs 1500lbs

Interior Options can be Painted or Stained


Grace Add-On Options


We Custom Build ALL the cabinets and door fronts.  We use Quality Wood.  Not the thin Cheap stuff.  We pay attention to detail.  All the corners are had planed and sanded.  We do not use prefab cabinets or wood.  



Includes laminate countertop, sink, refrigerator-freezer combo, above the counter shelving unit, 1-Drawer and 1-Cabinet

Measures 48x24



Plug-in or Propane




Stainless Steel Countertop and Table Top: 


Guacho (Dinette/Bed): 

2 Cafe style benches with storage located underneath and table.  The 2 benches fold down into a bed. 
This also includes above the table shelving with 2-outlets and light. A 3 drawer Custom built dresser and Custom Built Closet for hanging clothes.  

Measures 52x82

Cushions (Vinyl): 

These are made like the old vintage diner seats with a white V in the center of the back cushion

Measures 24x52

Bathroom (Toilet Only): 

This includes New Toilet,plumbing and grey water tank for disposal

Measures 45x34


This includes New Toilet/Shower unit, plumbing and grey tank for disposal 


AC Unit (5,000 BTU) 


Hot Water System: 


White Wall Tires: 


Exterior Storage Box: 

Grace Exterior Color Options

                                                           We use High Quality Automotive Paint that will last for years.  

Grace is available in a variety of colors - please determine your color options prior to placing your order.

Please note colors shown on the digital images may vary slightly.

Grace Cushion Color Options

Grace Interior Cushions are available in a variety of colors - These are made from quality Vinyl material.  please determine your color options prior to placing your order.

Grace Flooring Options

                                      We use Quality VCT tiles for the flooring.  We feel it is the most durable product for campers

Grace Flooring is available in 4 different color options -

please determine your color options prior to placing your order.

Grace Countertop Options

Grace Countertops are available in 5 different color options -

please determine your color option prior to placing your order.

Terms & Conditions


Payment : 50% down upon completed and approved order form. 

Orders placed are a binding contract.  No returns will be accepted.


Types of payment include : Cash, Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Wire Transfers


Delivery date will be determined once production starts. 
Start date will determined after order and payments is received.


Pick up Options : In person, U-Ship, or customers personal carrier.  We can help with finding a carrier that works for you.



All appliances come with the Factory Warrant included in the pamphlets.


The construction of the cushions will be guaranteed for 90-days.  Replacement cushions will be given only if its determined that the construction was defective in any way.  Not for general wear, rips or tears.


We also offer a 1-year guarantee on the frame, chassis, construction, plumbing and wiring.  If fault is found in construction due to unforeseen circumstances we will replace and fix and all problem areas that were acquired during the production process.


If it is determined that the camper has been in a wreck or neglected there will be repair charges for the damage.


Your personal insurance policy should cover any natural disasters, vandalism or accidents.  We can work hand-in-hand with your insurance company on any repairs needed, if this is the case.

Call 217-273-6261 or 217-273-8140 TO ORDER




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